Joe Dumars Rumors

JLEIII: Does Chuck Daly put Joe Dumars on Curry or Klay Thompson? Mahorn: He’d put Dumars on Curry, but it really didn’t matter. Joe always had the opposing team’s scoring guard, but Isiah (Thomas) could do that, too, especially if it was a 1, 2 or 3 switch. We knew our personnel. We would let Draymond Green score 50. If that’s in his DNA, then cool. Let him get 50. But we’re going to shut the rest of y’all down. Or, we’d let Durant score 50 and cut everybody else off. … We were looking to exploit your weaknesses more than your strengths.
Of all his earthly possessions lost to Katrina’s flood in 2005, the one Richard Coffey wishes he had right now is a program from a long-ago basketball tournament. For years he had kept the program as proof that once he was part of a magnificent teenage team – one so good that 37 years later he breathes his teammates’ names as if the whole thing had been a dream. Karl Malone. Joe Dumars. Hot Rod Williams. Benny Anders. “I don’t think anybody would believe I played with those guys,” he says.
Atlanta is considering a number of candidates, including Griffin, Joe Dumars, Houston vice president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas, and New York Knicks director of player personnel Mark Hughes, sources said. Altanta is also planning to discuss the GM opening with television analysts and former players Chauncey Billups and Brent Barry, league sources told The Vertical. Houston has granted permission to Atlanta to discuss the opening with Rosas, its No. 2 executive behind GM Daryl Morey, league sources said. New York has granted permission on Hughes too, league sources said.
What’s up with the Atlanta Hawks rumor? Dumars, 53, didn’t add to the rumor mill on his second straight appearance on ESPN’s daily NBA talkfest, “The Jump” this week. Dumars said: “It’s an honor to be considered for any of these jobs. There’s only 30 of these jobs in the world. If I’m fortunate enough to be with the Hawks or anyone else, I look at it as a great opportunity because these are tough jobs.”
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