Joe Lacob Rumors

My favorite under-the-radar quote of the day came from owner Joe Lacob. He was the first to talk at the pre-parade rally and tried to keep things humble, thanking the fans, players and coaches and even admitting: “It’s now beyond my expectations, which are pretty high.” But Lacob couldn’t escape without a mini humble brag. Within an answer about the popularity of the team, he dropped this gem: “We go to China, people there call me boss man, all that stuff, whatever.”
One month later, Bogut was traded, along with a second-round pick, to Dallas, freeing up salary cap space for the Warriors and setting the stage for that momentous summer share in the Hamptons. So, in a serendipitous way, Bogut is responsible for Kevin Durant joining the Warriors and carving history. “Yeah, I should get royalties,” Bogut says with a laugh. “But no. Doesn’t matter, it wouldn’t change anything. I know for a fact the KD deal was done long before I was traded. The Warriors had never signed a top-flight player. That was one thing that irked (owner Joe Lacob). He had to get it done.”