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Joe Maloof Rumors

Metta World Peace believes the NBA will place an expansion team in Las Vegas in the near future and he would like to partner with the Maloof family to make up part of the team’s ownership group. “I’m very interested in talking with different groups to see if they would allow us the opportunity to get involved,” World Peace told The Sporting Tribune. “I think you have to somehow involve the Maloofs. I think the Maloofs set the tone for Las Vegas.”
“I love the Maloofs and I would like to work with the Maloofs again,” said World Peace, who played for the Kings from 2006 to 2008 when the team was owned by the Maloofs. “They have been nothing but family to me. I think just having an advisory board with the Maloofs on it makes perfect sense. It just shows that you’re coming into the city with some respect. It shows that you’re coming into the city, understanding that the foundation was laid by the Maloofs.”
The Maloof family did not immediately respond for comment but sources said the Maloofs are indeed interested in being part of the ownership group that finally brings an NBA team to Las Vegas. “I can’t really disclose what’s happening right now because so much is happening but what I can say is I am respectfully interested,” World Peace said. “My team is respectfully and humbly interested in everything that’s happening in Las Vegas and we are going to continue to pursue it.”
The ad reads: “Thank you Sacramento for 15 wonderful years! The amazing memories created during these past seasons were because of you, the fans, and our dedicated employees. We truly cherish our time as stewards of the Kings franchise. The people of Sacramento warmly brought the Kings into their hearts and for that we will always be grateful. Many thanks to Bob Hernreich and our partners Bud Benvenuti, John Kehriotis, and Dave Lucchetti for their support and commitment to the Kings franchise. We also recognize Mayor Kevin Johnson, the City Council, and the City of Sacramento staff for their efforts and their loyalty to the people of Sacramento. We wish the new ownership group, led by Vivek Ranadive and Mark Mastrov, all the best. We will always love the Kings and we will always be Kings fans. GO KINGS! The Maloof family”