Joe Rogowski Rumors

Gordon believes the Rockets’ training staff is the secret ingredient to finally maximizing his talent and athleticism. Houston constantly rotates its players through the weight room. “I’ve never lifted this much,” Gordon said. The Rockets’ strength and conditioning program is a modified version of the plan first molded by the team’s former health science guru Joe Rogowski, previously the Orlando Magic’s strength and conditioning coach when Anderson first entered the league. “I’d do postgame lifts occasionally in Orlando,” Anderson said. “Everything is very thought out and thoughtful towards making sure your body is the most refreshed it can be for game days, so I think that this is definitely the most—the only word I can just think of is ‘thought.’” Now, Rockets director of athletic performance Javair Gillet—his LinkedIn profile picture shows him beaming alongside Bill Nye—has further engineered the program. “There’s just so much attention to prevention and attacking an issue before it becomes an issue,” Anderson said.
That’s one of the main reasons the cardiovascular screening program was initiated, said Joe Rogowski, the NBPA’s Director of Sports Medicine and Research. The first one was held in Houston in December. Saturday’s event included Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins, Hawks Vice Chairman Grant Hill, who was instrumental in the event being held at Philips Arena, as well as more recently retired players like Tony Delk. “This is fantastic,” Delk said. “I’m 42 and very conscious of my health now that I’ve stopped playing. So when I heard they were offering this program free to retired players, I made sure to get my name on the list. When you’re playing, you take so much of this for granted, you’re talking about some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world. But none of us is immune to the issues that come with getting older.”
The Rockets did make a change, however, when they replaced Dave Macha, a strength and conditioning assistant, with Joe Rogowski, the long-time Orlando Magic strength coach. Rogowski has long had a good relationship with Dwight Howard, but Morey said that despite appearances there was no connection to hiring Rogowski and recruiting Howard, who works with own strength coach and brought him with him from Orlando to Los Angeles. “I get why people would say that, but it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with it,” Morey said of hiring Rogowski, who is engaged to a Houstonian, Olympic taekwondo bronze medalist Diana Lopez. “We attempted to interview and hire Joe a year ago. He stayed in Orlando. This year was maybe the right time for him to move.” “It’s an area we thought took a big step forward with (Director of Strength and Conditioning) Darryl Eto a few years ago. We decided to look again, to bring in someone else. We found Joe. We think Joe is a really forward-thinking guy and the combination of Darryl and Joe will give us a unique approach there. It’s been an area we’ve continued to make strides in. Hiring Joe is another step in that direction.”