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On his recollections on the New Jersey Nets wanting Kobe and then going to Charlotte and ultimately ending up with the Lakers… Sonny Vaccaro: Pam, Arn and Joe knew that the trade would’ve been made with Jerry West and people at Charlotte on Divac for Kobe. All he had to do is get to 13. Now we knew the biggest ones who was really, REALLY interested was John Calipari and the New Jersey team. We knew they were interested and he talked to Arn a lot of times. I only talked to John one time during the draft. Arn handled all that, but in the green room it comes to number #8 and they say Kerry Kittles. All the kids are in the green room and Pam, Arn and I jump up and then we were embarrassed [laughs] because Kerry was sitting behind us and they asked us why did you jump up Sonny? I said, ‘We were happy for Kerry!” and we were and it was beautiful segway because I did know Kerry from the camps and stuff so it was a natural thing but ton your audience, all we had to do was to get past number #8 because 9, 10, 11, 12 never worked Kobe out and we KNEW they weren’t taking him.
Marianne Stanley, presented byCathy Rush (‘08), Lisa Leslie (‘15), Nancy Lieberman (‘96) Hugh Evans, presented by Reggie Miller (‘12), George Gervin (‘96) Theresa Shank-Grentz, presented by Cathy Rush (‘08), Charles Barkley (’06), Vivian Stringer (‘09) Del Harris, presented by Nancy Lieberman (‘96), John Calipari (‘15), Sidney Moncrief (‘19) Lou Hudson, presented by Spencer Haywood (‘15), Jamaal Wilkes (‘12) Larry Costello, presented by Billy Cunningham (‘86), Wayne Embry (‘99), Bob Dandridge (’21) Radivoj Korac, presented by Spencer Haywood (‘15)

Anthony Davis offers to give $350,000 to Kentucky Flood Relief

John Calipari: This is what makes you proud as a coach. I didn’t want to ask any of our former guys for help since six months ago they gave to the tornado victims in west Kentucky, but without my asking, @AntDavis23 got in touch with me tonight. After watching all of the devastation and, knowing what our players did tonight – he has offered to give $350,000 to the Kentucky Flood Relief. That’s servant leadership in action, that’s staying connected to this program and this state. Love you, Ant.
Duren is the shiny gem because of his special upside — even if he is regarded as perhaps too much of a project for coach Tom Thibodeau to give approval. “A lot of people compare him to Bam,’’ Brown told The Post from his home in East Hampton. “I spent time with Cal [Kentucky coach John Calipari] when Bam was there. Bam doesn’t shoot 3s either. Jalen is 3 inches taller than Bam. “Jalen is like when I was a head coach when he had a center and power forward in the NBA. I always teased him: I wanted him to be like [rugged former Pistons center] Ben Wallace, because he can run with anybody. He really can run. And can move his feet defensively.’’