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John Calipari Rumors

Her death hit KAT especially hard given the close relationship he had with his mother. Jackie and her husband, Karl Sr., frequently accompanied their son on road trips, both in college at Kentucky and in the NBA with the Timberwolves, and could always be heard from the stands. Big Karl was the demanding coach and Jackie was the doting caretaker. “He was a mama’s boy. That’s what he was,” Kentucky coach John Calipari told The Athletic. “The grieving process is different in different people. I think he’s still numb to all the stuff. I really do.”
Rose also hired William Wesley for a role in the front office, who was his colleague at CAA. “There’s also a real fear in the NBA,” said Bill Simmons. “I’m fine talking about this. It’s rumor, heresy stuff. But it’s just a fact. Kentucky, Worldwide Wes had a great relationship with John Calipari. CAA’s got multiple Kentucky guys and there’s a real fear in the league that the Knicks are going to become the Kentucky pipeline team. “Devin Booker is a great example of that, right? Even though he’s on a big deal right now, at some point if he wanted to move out of there... “The league is kind of watching the Kentucky factor with that team.