John Calipari Rumors

Calipari said he met with the NBA Player’s Association one week ago, and implored that organization to create a “combine” for high school juniors. And he thinks agents should be more involved with high school kids. “The players and the families need to know – here are the ones who should be thinking about the NBA, and here are the ones who should not,” he said. “That’s why you need a combine.”
UK coach John Calipari plans to meet with players about their futures before he leaves for the Final Four Thursday but had not yet begun those conversations as of his weekly radio show Monday night. Even after players declare for the draft, it could be weeks though before we know exactly what the 2018-19 roster will look like. “My expectation would be that just about every one of them will but their name in the draft to figure out…where that committee sees them going,” Calipari said, citing the NCAA’s recent rule change that allows players to workout with teams and attend the combine but return to school if they don’t hire and agent and don’t receive the feedback that makes them comfortable remaining in the draft. “If you’re not draftable, that means you’re not going to the combine, which kind of helps you make the decision, unless you absolutely want to go one way or another.”