Jon Horst Rumors

Horst, 37, recently joined The Athletic Wisconsin for a conversation about Antetokounmpo’s contract negotiations, the addition of Jrue Holiday, expectations for head coach Mike Budenholzer and much more. What are your thoughts on Giannis signing his supermax extension and what it means for the franchise? Jon Horst: I think it means everything. I think it shows that in a lot of ways, the system that the NBA and the players’ union have worked to put in place has a chance for success. I think it shows mostly a lot about Giannis and his desire to win and to be part of a culture where winning is first and foremost, and where the resources are going to be provided to you to win and continue to push the envelope and be in a position, year in and year out, to compete at the highest level.
After signing his supermax extension, Giannis mentioned that part of your “unbelievable relationship” with him was that you played basketball with his brothers when he first got to Milwaukee. Are we talking drills, shooting contests, one-on-one, five-on-five? Jon Horst: So we don’t violate any draft rules or tampering rules, this is much more to the reference that we’ve known each other for a long time. From the day that Kostas and Alex and Veronica and Charles came here, because obviously, they weren’t here immediately with Giannis, it wasn’t because Giannis was going to be an MVP. I don’t know that we knew that. It wasn’t because he was going to be everything he is, it was because it was the right way to treat people and take care of people. After all, you know me, I’m a junkie, I love to hoop. Kostas was probably 15 and Alex was probably 11.
Let’s first talk about the Bogdan Bogdanovic situation. You lost your 2022 second-round draft pick due to the timing of the free-agent discussions that you had with Bogdanovic. Is there something that you learned in that process? Or a takeaway from how that went down? Jon Horst: We were fully cooperative with the NBA, very open and transparent. And a decision was made and we’re moving forward from that. We’re excited about the season. I think that at different points in your life or different points in your career, things happen and you’re only as good or as bad as how you respond. And we chose to be very cooperative, forthcoming, transparent and tried to work with the league to come up with the best result. The takeaway is that, be honest and helpful and deal with the result and move on and be better. … It’s not a lesson, but it’s a takeaway.
Jon Horst on Mike Budenholzer: But we’ve got to get better; we talk about it every day. Every day, we’ve got to get better. And I’m telling you, he and his staff have worked every single day to figure out how to improve on what we did in our last playoff run. Our players have done the same thing. And obviously, with the roster, we’ve tried to do everything we can. And I think we’re all being evaluated. We’re all held accountable — players, front office and coaching staff — to constantly get better and put ourselves in a position to compete for a championship every season. And that’s what Giannis signed up for, right? At the end of the day, he signed up for what we’ve done, who we are, and that, now and going forward, we’re going to put ourselves in a position to compete every single year. And we’re all responsible to figure out how to do that.