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Jon Horst Rumors

Giannis’ career-high with Greece was witnessed by several Milwaukee Bucks reps. Khris Middleton is in Milan with Bucks owner Marc Lasry, SVP Alex Lasry, general manager Jon Horst and assistant general manager Milt Newton. “I saw them once, but I zoomed out and focused on the game,” Giannis revealed. “They’ve seen me many times and know what I’m capable of. I tried to focus on the team so that we build good habits, whether things are going well or not.”
Nehm: This offseason one of your biggest priorities appeared to be bringing back a lot of your own players. What does it mean to you to keep those players in Milwaukee? Jon Horst: Yeah, I think you’re right. There’s a priority to keep our core intact. And that’s actually a hard thing to do. Even just looking back on the last couple of years and the guys we’ve been able to extend and keep with us, the guys that we’ve re-signed in free agency — Brook (Lopez), Khris (Middleton), George (Hill), (Eric) Bledsoe, Jrue (Holiday), Bobby (Portis), Pat (Connaughton) — those things are a lot harder to do than I think people understand because they’re really good players playing for a really good team. And they have markets. And it’s free agency. At the end of the day, they choose us, whether they opt in or they opt out, whatever we kind of negotiate with them at the appropriate time. They choose us as much as we go after them.