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Jordan Schakel Rumors

Jordan Schakel: I’m a guy who can come in and make shots and play hard on defense like Cameron Johnson on the Phoenix Suns. Joe Harris has a larger role for the Brooklyn Nets but I see him as a shot-maker who plays hard and plays the right way. Somebody like Bruce Brown from the Nets doesn’t shoot like I do but he plays so hard. He fills a role that they need even though it may not be his position. I’ve done that before in my career, too. I’m somebody who can come in and do whatever the coach asks me to do and do it to the best of my abilities. I make my free throws. I make open shots. I have a low turnover rate.
When you talk to NBA teams, what’s your pitch on why they should add you to their roster? Jordan Schakel: I try to be extremely professional and let them know that I’m somebody who is going to be on time, hardworking and committed. I’m going to bring positivity to the locker room and be a locker room guy. On top of my shooting, I tell them I’m a winning player. I don’t accept losing. I’ve won at every stop of my life. I’m going to do that for their team. I want to win every game we play in this workout. If they interview me before the workout, I tell them I want to win whatever scrimmage and show them that I’m a winning player. I’ll do the extra things like dive on the floor for loose balls and pick a teammate up and just be tough. I just want to help the organization.