Jordi Bertomeu Rumors

“Vitoria-Gasteiz and Baskonia’s truly loyal fan base have been waiting a long time to host the Final Four,” Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President & CEO, said. “This is a well-deserved recognition for a city that lives basketball like few others.” “It’s a dream that we have chased for many years and now it is coming true,” Baskonia president Josean Querejeta said. “The 2019 Final Four will put Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava and the Basque Country on the world map.”
EuroLeague CEO Jordi Bertomeu was interviewed by Massimo Oriani of La Gazzetta della Sport during the Final Four 2017. Bertomeu confirmed that EuroLeague won’t allow its players to join the National Teams during the new windows. “When the NBA said that they will not allow their players to join the National Teams, no one had to say something. We have done nothing more than repeat what we have ruled 18 months ago, that the new FIBA windows won’t be included in our calendar. Our position never changed. We will do our best to allow EuroCup players to join National Teams. EuroCup has less games than EuroCup but for EuroLeague there are no spaces” Bertomeu said.
He continued saying: “FIBA Basketball does not govern basketball in a global scale, as does FIFA in football. NBA governs basketball. The situation is not good. The conflict arises because FIBA wants to do what we have already been doing. I told them: ‘You got us into chaos’. They offered a lot of money to the big clubs and they rejected them. And then FIBA decided to change their mind and make it about sports criteria. The clubs rejected them again. Subsequently, they began threats and warnings. The situations in this context is not comfortable. What I find objectionable is that they have stood between the national federations and the national teams. FIBA made the sport criteria as a flag, but now the results from the qualifying games do not matter because they have a conflict with Euroleague. If Real Madrid plays in Euroleague nothing happens. But if Valencia plays in Eurocup, then they will punish Spain. So is the Euroleague legal and Eurocup, which is organized by the same company, is illegal?”.
You just return from the Intercontinental cup. Whats are the odds that all the continental champion will participate in this tournament in the future? Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu: We would be more than happy to participate in that project as we have done during the last two seasons with the Intercontinental Cup, but we must be realistic and I do not think that we will be able to watch it in the near future. First of all we have a calendar problem, every year is more difficult to find a spot for these kind of competitions. Another reason would be the impossibility of having each continent champion, as it is very difficult that the NBA takes part in this kind of games as they have a completely different economic and organizational reality, a fact that will make that hypothetic competition something without a real sense, a fake, the Intercontinental Cup on the other hand is something fair, clear, the Champion of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague against the Champion of Ligade Las Americas.
How do you feel with leaving of European talents to the nba? Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu: I believe the main problem is not that players go away, because they go and come back, too. We have to grow and make Euroleague Basketball attractive enough that they don’t go away. That’s our job. Our main concern in that aspect is not if players go away but when players go to the NBA, this is the main point that we consider should be evaluated as in some cases players make this change too soon which is something that makes a negative impact in their careers.
We saw this summer that 3 coaches moved to the nba. What are you thinking about it? Are you proud that european coaches make it and joined to the NBA? Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu: I think that there are two factors that should be evaluated when talking about not only coaches but also players going to the NBA. First of all is the globalization of basketball and of our society, in the global expansion of the NBA one of the key actions was increasing the number of players coming from different countries;the other factor that we should also take into account is the progressive improvement of the basketball level in traditional basketball regions like Europe but also in other parts of the world as South-America, Asia or Australia, making the gap between the NBA and the rest of competitions smaller. I would personally like to wish the best of the luck to David in this new project that I am confident will be successful.