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Jordi Fernandez Rumors

Moneke also admitted that the Kings coach Jordi Fernandez influenced his move to Sacramento. Moneke, Fernandez, and Kings head coach Mike Brown were part of the Nigeria national team last year. “In the morning of the Champions League final, I woke up, and there was one missed call from the night. It was Mike,” Moneke recalled. “I called him back, and he told me he would be the Kings coach and wanted me to be a part of it. It was surreal to hear that.”
“But my agent told me it was going to happen. Brown brought the two assistant coaches from Nigeria, and I had a great relationship with them. The reason I came to Manresa is Jordi Fernandez. I have a close relationship with him, and he is the biggest reason it happened this time, too,” Moneke added. Asked about his upcoming role with the Kings, Moneke admitted that he doesn’t think too much about it and wants to earn everything. “I have to get there and just be who I am,” said Moneke. “I do not want anyone to give me anything, I want to work for it. When I get there, I will start training and prove that I belong. I will not be afraid of anyone. I will find my way in rotation.”
That goal underscored Sacramento’s head coaching search, which landed on Golden State assistant Mike Brown. The Kings have already announced the addition of Denver Nuggets and Team Nigeria assistant Jordi Fernandez as associate head coach, and Brown is expected to bring on other playoff-experienced members from his Nigeria national team staff to aid Sacramento’s playoff push, sources said.