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In discussing the New York Liberty with YES Network’s Michael Grady, the team’s co-governor Clara Wu Tsai was asked to describe her vision for the WNBA team. “Investment,” Wu Tsai quickly responded. “We’re going to invest in the New York Liberty the same way we invest in our NBA team,” said Wu Tsai who is co-governor of the Libs with husband Joe Tsai. She did not provide details but noted the investment has already begun. And the first thing we did when we bought the team (in 2019) was to move them to Barclays Center because they were playing in a little community gym in Westchester. And we brought them here because we know these women deserve to play in an international arena like and we certainly intend to have them playing in front of a full house.”
The Tsais are confident they can improve the team’s attendance — “give it time,” said Joe Tsai in an interview with NetsDaily last month — and visibility. Liberty players have had front row seats for Nets games at Barclays and at the Nets Practice-in-the-Park and Nets players, including Kevin Durant, have showed up at Liberty games.

Enes Kanter: Nets owner Joe Tsai is a coward and a puppet of China

Enes Kanter: The owner of @brooklynNets @Joe Tsai is a coward & puppet of the Chinese gov’t. Being anti-CCP does NOT mean being anti-Asian It’s possible to #StopAsianHate & to stand up against the CCP Human rights are not “western” values, they are UNIVERSAL values! Spineless Joe Tsai
Speaking on a panel at the 2021 Hong Kong FinTech Week conference, Tsai said the direct-to-consumer trend has led to an “explosion” of data collection by companies across sectors as they try to provide more tailored customer experiences and shorten their manufacturing cycles. Alibaba owns the Post. “The trend really drives the whole movement towards digitisation of the business world. When you talk to senior management of various companies, they say they use data to drive decision-making,” said Tsai, who took part virtually. “Getting closer to the customer is no longer a need. It is a necessity.”
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Artificial intelligence (AI) also is helping companies better understand and address their risks – another necessity for companies who want to offer financial services, Tsai said. For example, AI can help identify potentially fraudulent activity in the payment space, as well as help identify risky behaviour that is not worth underwriting when it comes to lending to consumers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), he said. “Every tech company that purports to be ‘techfin’ or get into financial services, your risk management is different from chat or short-form video,” Tsai said. “It is very, very hard to do.”
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In his interview Friday with NetsDaily, Joe Tsai says the NBA has “discussed” the sale of fan tokens, a crypto currency, by teams that would create a new billion dollar revenue stream for the league … and permit fans to gain new privileges and even play a role in team decisions, albeit minor ones. It’s all part of what Tsai, who co-founded Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and knows a bit about marketing, believes will be a shift in the fan experience.
“Another example of fan engagement is using crypto-currencies to engage fans,” Tsai told NetsDaily. “We in the NBA now have the potential — it’s not approved it — for teams to issue fan tokens. It’s been discussed, hasn’t been approved but people in Europe have already been doing this with soccer teams in Europe issuing fan tokens which have privileges attached to it.” While fan tokens may be a new idea in U.S. sports, they have been part of European soccer for several years. Tsai said last week that the total market value of fan tokens issued by European soccer teams is “around $3 billion.”