Josh Corbeil Rumors

Copeland described the rehab process as taking months and even now he undergoes some “tweaking” but remains healthy enough to play in his fourth NBA season. Though the front office made no attempt to re-sign Copeland, the team still extended to him its training staff, which includes head athletic trainer Josh Corbeil, strength and conditioning coach Shawn Windle and assistant athletic trainer Carl Eaton. This courtesy would be hard to find in professional sports where the focus begins and ends at the bottom line. “Everybody chipped in and helped me in my rehab process,” said Copeland, who even credited the interns. “I couldn’t have done it by myself, so I appreciate that.”
Josh Corbeil, the Pacers head trainer, attended Boston University and spent some time there after the Red Sox game visiting friends. He was on the subway that runs near the marathon route to return to the hotel when it suddenly stopped at Kenmore Square. “We were sitting there and then they made people get off and go upstairs,” Corbeil said. “I turned my phone on and had like a million messages. Where the train stopped was two stops away from the finish line.”