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Australian prospect Josh Giddey enters 2021 draft

Josh Giddey — a 6-foot-8 Australian playmaking guard — is entering the 2021 NBA draft, his agents Daniel Moldovan and Alex Saratsis of Octagon Sports told ESPN on Tuesday.Giddey is the No. 13 prospect in ESPN’s Top 100 NBA draft rankings, and could climb higher in the lottery.
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2. Josh Giddey (Adelaide 36ers): “He has great size and excellent court vision,” an NBAexecutive told HoopsHype. “He sees the floor so well, and he’s probably too unselfish at times. His shooting will need a lot of work. He needs to become a consistent threat from three and he needs to improve at the line, but he’s playing in a tough league at a young age and he’s having success.”
Who would you compare your game to right now and projecting long-term? Josh Giddey: Right now, in a non-cocky or arrogant way, I’d probably say similar to Ben Simmons. Not just in the fact that we’re big point guards, but the fact that we both love and our strongest asset is playmaking, passing the ball, getting guys looks, getting out in transition, and making stuff happen. I think in a light comparison, I’d put Ben as the guy.
Do you feel like you’ve gotten similar buzz to what LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton got playing in the NBL Next Stars program, or is there maybe an underrated aspect, and maybe people don’t know you as well as they should? Josh Giddey: I didn’t have the same hype coming into the league. They were big stars in high school and the States. They carried a big fan base with them when they came over here. I was really just unknown until maybe a year ago from now. When I signed with the 36ers, nobody knew what to expect because I hadn’t played in front of anybody for a long time. I think I’ve done a good job of exceeding expectations and playing at a level I think people really didn’t see me playing at. It’s given me confidence moving forward. I did fly a lot under the radar my whole junior career and right up until probably 12 months ago. It’s kind of how I’ve always been, the underdog. I never really made state teams or any of the teams that I wanted to try to make when I was a junior coming through those ranks. It added fuel to the fire and got me to work harder.