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Josh Hawley Rumors

Popovich, a 73-year-old of Serbo-Croatian heritage, did not spare American politicians, such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, as well as specific “news” outlets that seem to be exploiting the war of countries with very different levels of firepower. “Those are the people who really make me sick,” he said. “For political or personal reasons, they’re willing to jump on the Putin bandwagon and use that. Guys like Cruz and Hawley. You can go down the list. They’re just despicable people for even thinking about saying the things they’ve said. “And then you’ve got the people at Fox News that I won’t even name. They know what they’re saying. They’re highly intelligent people. But they’re still willing to do it. They’re just lickspittles of the highest order.”

Woj regrets sending email

Known for “Woj bombs,” his scoops have earned him a seven-figure salary and minted him among the most powerful people in the NBA. This is why his comfort zone is asking, not answering. The question that caused Wojnarowski to halt was if he had ever sent a “F–k you” email to anyone before he delivered that message to Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) two weeks ago. “I regretted sending that email,” Wojnarowski told The Post after the long pause. “I have not made a habit of doing that, but I sent that one and I regret it.”
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Wojnarowski said he left voice messages at Hawley’s office in Washington and Missouri, but did not hear back. Wojnarowski declined to go into detail as to why he sent the email that emanated from his iPhone. “I’m not going to go there,” Wojnarowski said. “I can’t send an email like that to a senator or anybody in my position at ESPN. That’s not a way I can express myself or should express myself to anyone.”
Storyline: Adrian Wojnarowski Suspension
“Woj is extraordinary at what he does as a trusted NBA newsbreaker,” said Connor Schell, ESPN’s executive vice president of content. “He made a mistake here, owned it and apologized for it. We are in a good place for this season and beyond and we are moving forward.” Wojnarowski, with more than a year left on his contract, sounds like he wants to be an ESPN lifer “To me, I have the best job in the world at the only place I want to do it at,” Wojnarowski said.