Josh Kroenke Rumors

During his job interview to become GM of the Nuggets, Ujiri had told Josh Kroenke that the trade for Anthony needed to be turned into a bidding war between the Nets and the Knicks, because they were rivals within the New York market who each needed Anthony and couldn’t bear to see the other team claim him. Ujiri also warned Anthony that if he wanted to play for the Knicks, then he would need to make things right with Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke, who had attended Anthony’s wedding in New York that summer.
Sitting among the 320 guests at the reception and absorbing these aftershocks of The Decision were Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke and his son Josh. It was a wedding unlike any they had attended. Not only was it being filmed for a reality TV series, but many of the toasts were focused less on the happy couple and more on how Anthony should escape his obligations in Denver. After the Kroenkes had sat through a number of humiliating statements involving their team, word was relayed to their table that Anthony wished for Stan Kroenke to stand up and make a toast of his own that would let everyone know of his and Josh’s presence, in order to put a stop to their embarrassment.
Denver Nuggets owner Josh Kroenke: Dan Fegan was a unique character. He was aggressive when he needed to be. He always had his players’ best interests in mind. He was interesting to deal with from my standpoint because — like I said — he always had his players’ backs until the end of the day. If you’re a player, he was the type of guy you wanted in your corner for sure.
Storyline: Dan Fegan Death
Jared Jeffries, the former Nuggets scouting director and ex-Knicks forward, told The Post that Emmanuel Mudiay desperately needed out of Denver before his entire career was shot. “I know how tough it was for [general manager] Tim [Connelly] and [owner] Josh [Kroenke] to let him go,’’ Jeffries told The Post in a phone interview. “They did the right thing for the kid. They could’ve held on to him to the point of no return and ruin his career. It’s really good the Knicks trusted what they believed at draft time and got him for a discount. If he’s on top of the world and playing great, you’re not going to get him for that.”