Josh Oppenheimer Rumors

Oppenheimer: I used to joke with him and call him Bambi. “Coach, what is Bambi? Who is Bambi?” Wright: When I first got there, some of the players were talking and one of the coaches said, “Yo, where’s Bambi?” I was like, “Who is Bambi?” Oppenheimer: He was arms and legs and hands and desire. But that was it. Wright: We start practicing and Giannis is out there just clumsy. Ah, that must be Bambi.
Oppenheimer: He has unbelievable confidence but also unbelievable humility. I think he has a great ability to be honest with himself about what he needs to improve at to reach the level he wants to reach. Wright: He introduced himself to me — this was the funniest thing. I said, “What’s up, man? I’m Chris.” He goes, “I’m Giannis. The Greek Freak.” I was laughing like, “Who the hell is the Greek Freak?” He was like, “Me, baby, I’ll show you.” And he flexed.