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Josh Oppenheimer Rumors

Having reached an agreement that he would buy a winter jacket after the game, they drove Antetokounmpo another mile or so to the Bradley Center, where Bucks’ assistant coach Josh Oppenheimer observed the rookie getting out of the backseat of a tiny car and understandably had questions. “Giannis goes to the entrance where the players go into the arena,” Gallop said. “This guy is standing in the parking lot.” “I’m pulling into the arena and get out,” Oppenheimer told The Athletic. “He’s getting out of this car and goes, ‘Hey, Coach!’ I’m like, ‘Who is that?’ He goes, ‘I don’t know. Oh, but they’re very nice,’ and told me the story. I said, ‘Giannis. You can’t get into the car with people you don’t know!’ But to him, they were nice people.”
Then players scrimmaged. One play, Giannis grabbed a rebound, dribbled in and out to beat his defender, and then dribbled the ball behind his back to fake out another defender, sprinting downcourt all the way to the cup for a dunk. It took him just four dribbles to get from one end to the other. Bucks forward Chris Wright and Oppenheimer looked at each other. “Yo,” they said at the same time. “Yo.”