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Joshua Harris Rumors

Marks and Morey talked, but there was no movement the rest of that Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Finally, Tsai called Harris. “[They’re] pretty good friends, friendly with each other,” said a source, calling them “partners in this business called the NBA.” Harris was told if the 76ers were serious about a Simmons package to make sure Morey came back with an offer that topped the one they viewed as “sub-optimal.”
Storyline: James Harden Trade?
Brand told Harris he didn’t think the Sixers needed to bring in someone else, that he was confident in himself and his group. But, he added, after more than 20 championship-less NBA seasons, both as a player and as an executive, what he wanted most was to win a title, and also, he’d actually gotten to know Morey in the bubble — they had lunch one day and sat next to each other during a Sixers-Rockets game — and Brand believed Morey could help both him and the organization. “If you can get that type of guy,” Brand told Harris, “you gotta do it.”
Morey and Rivers had also been colleagues in Boston for about 18 months, and Rivers’ son, Austin, had spent two seasons playing for Morey’s Rockets, an arrangement that came together after Doc sold Morey on Austin’s ability. Morey wanted Rivers to be the Rockets’ next coach and believed Rivers was interested in the job. Rivers was scheduled to meet with the Sixers on Friday in Philadelphia and then travel to Houston on Sunday to talk with the Rockets.