Joshua Harris Rumors

But 76ers managing partner Joshua Harris put that speculation to rest last night, when he informed ESPN that Brown would return next season. It was the first key decision in a summer destined to be full of them. At a press conference Tuesday morning, Harris confirmed the report at the Sixers’ training facility in Camden. “Brett’s job was never in jeopardy,” Harris said. “Once the playoffs ended, it made sense to just put (the speculation) to rest and move on.” Brown added some levity to the moment. “This is my sixth year in Philadelphia. I have been fired every one of these years,” Brown joked. “Every single one of these years, somebody has me not coming back, and it will happen again next year, early. This is just the way it works in my industry, in this city.”
That said, Stein is not a reporter known for kicking up dust for no reason, and the declaration that a second-round exit would be problematic for Brown is not necessarily new, with Joshua Harris’ previous comments on the subject making it clear that Philadelphia wants to see progress from their second-round exit last season. The Sixers invested serious resources to upgrade the top-end talent this season, and they want results. Totally fair. But as I wrote before Game 6, deciding you are going to fire or not fire someone because of arbitrary benchmarks would be an absurd way to run a billion-dollar organization.