Joshua Harris Rumors

Following Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery in New York in which the Sixers landed the No. 3 overall pick, managing owner Josh Harris said he’d be willing to pay the tax. “We want to be smart and intelligent about it, but, look, we want to win,” Harris said. “If we’re put in a position to be able to win and get great players, we’ll do it.”
The Sacramento Kings have expressed exploratory interest in former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie, according to league sources. ‎Sources told that Kings owner Vivek Ranadive sought and received permission directly from Sixers counterpart Josh Harris to speak with Hinkie.
1 year ago via ESPN
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Eric Goldwein: Jerry Colangelo on his/Bryan’s hiring process. Basically says Bryan was plan from the start: Jerry Colangelo: “Well you know through the commissioner a call was set up between Josh Harris and myself and we had a very nice talk about their circumstances and I was asked to — they wanted to find out if I was available and willing to be of some help. And, um, although I kind of directed the inquiry more to Bryan than to me, because of his availability and his experience, etc. and my plate being as full as it was. It turned out that I came in as a consultant and had a little more responsibility than I thought I had. And nice the decision was made to bring in an experienced basketball person — and Bryan was a candidate — it was important to step aside and let that process take its course.”
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