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Josiah Johnson Rumors

For 39-year-old Johnson, a self-proclaimed LeBron loyalist who coined his own Twitter account name as a mixture of James’ nickname and the boy king Josiah from The Bible, it was a big moment. A friend later blew up the tweet on a poster and gave it to Johnson as a gift. “Even the NBA players who are a target most of the time, they find the humor in it because he’s not punching down at them,” said Michael Starburry, a friend and co-creator of the show loosely based on Johnson’s own college basketball career, “Legends of Chamberlain Heights.” “He’s poking fun at the situation, and people can recognize it’s all good-natured.”
Eventually, he landed jobs in more traditional television. Today, he’s working on multiple projects. He’s a writer/producer on Ava Duvernay’s upcoming Colin Kaepernick miniseries as well as “Cherish The Day,” another Duvernay show on OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s TV network. Johnson’s Doncic tweet had Duvernay laughing hard enough to offer a shoutout. One especially surreal moment for Johnson? Hearing Duvernay and Oprah were trading his memes and laughing at his work. “Part of what makes him special is he’s been a one-man band at this thing,” Toledano said. “He’s grabbing numbers that all companies want, but he’s doing it himself. He’s showing one person can do this. And that’s incredible, but I’ve seen companies try it with one person and they can’t recreate the magic he has on his account.”