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While the decision regarding whether to offer Leonard a $219 million super-max extension rests with management — and even the current players, according to a source — ownership ultimately makes the final call. Convincing the team’s former chairman and CEO, Peter Holt, and his wife, Julianna Hawn Holt, could prove to be a difficult sell for general manager R.C. Buford. The couple is currently embroiled in divorce proceedings.
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A marital property agreement between Spurs chairman and co-CEO Julianna Hawn Holt and her husband Peter Holt could pave the way for the couple to have a low-key divorce away from the public eye, family law experts said. “They have pretty much already decided how everything is going to go,” St. Mary’s University law professor Dayla S. Pepi said. “That’s part of the purpose of these agreements.”
Peter Holt has hired attorney William Ford. Julianna Holt is represented by Richard Orsinger, who was also involved in divorce cases involving Spurs icons Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Orsinger was Parker’s attorney when the point guard filed for divorce in 2010 from actress Eva Longoria. Orsinger, however, later withdrew from the case because of a conflict of interest. Three years later, he helped represent Amy Duncan when she filed for divorce from Tim Duncan. “They are preeminent family law attorneys,” Pepi said. “Richard Orsinger represents pretty much every celebrity in San Antonio that is going through a divorce. And Bill Ford is highly regarded and also does these larger divorces.”
Spurs chairman and co-chief executive officer Julianna Hawn Holt has filed for divorce from her husband of more than 30 years, former Spurs chairman and CEO Peter Holt. The divorce likely will have implications for the future of a franchise long viewed as a model of stability. It also comes as the value of the championship-laden organization has skyrocketed to nearly $1.6 billion, according to Forbes.
It’s uncertain what immediate impact the split will have on the team’s ownership group and the franchise in general. The Holts married in 1985 and have been involved with the Spurs since 1996, when they became the franchise’s largest shareholders. Bexar County records show the Holts entered into a marital agreement recorded in 2006 and amended more than seven years later. Neither the original nor the amended agreement was publicly filed.