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Julius Erving Rumors

On a recent appearance on CBS Sports’ “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” Erving shared a bit of that insight, and while he didn’t go as far as to say his era was the best, he did throw a little jab at this generation of players when asked about how players from his era weren’t given first-class treatment as they had to fly commercial and often had to room with other teammates.
Storyline: Old School vs. New School
“That was the good old days, it kept the humility intact,” Erving said. “You felt honored to be a professional athlete and not privileged, because there was just some things you just had to suck it up and go do. We depended a lot on our trainers and equipment managers and what have you to move the franchise from city to city, and you always had to catch the first flight out the next morning so we didn’t have a lot of the conveniences they have today, but that’s okay. I think it’s made some of the players a little softer than the ’70s, ’80s, ’60s and ’50s players, but there’s fan appreciation for the softness and the finesse and it is what it is.”
Julius Erving: “It’s been a long drought in Philadelphia, our fans are eagerly awaiting for the team to get over the top. There’s a lot of controversy with the Ben Simmons situation, but it seems like the team is staying pat with their big three of Joel [Embiid], Ben [Simmons] and Tobias [Harris]. I think if they add pieces, get another year in with Doc Rivers, because you know last year was his first year on the job with the Sixers. Sometimes you need time with people to really know how to bring out the best in them.”
Alex Kennedy: These celebrities are expected to attend Game 6 of the NBA Finals tonight: – Dave Chappelle – Chance The Rapper – Kanye West – Chris Tucker – Gucci Mane – Julius “Dr. J” Erving – Marques Johnson – Michael Redd   – Brandon Jennings – Aaron Jones – Donald Driver – Antonio Freeman