Justin Bieber Rumors

When did you sit down and create what we now know as “Available?” JaVale McGee: I was in the studio with Poo Bear around November of last year. I didn’t know who I was making music for. I was playing some songs and samples and he stopped on this one sample that I had made. He looped it, put it in the computer and we just started writing to it. We ended up writing the whole song, but there were no drums or anything. The original melody, when you hear it in the beginning of a song? That’s what I brought to the table.
For JaVale McGee, star collaborations are nothing new. So even though he’s not that well acquainted with his latest teammate, who is one of the most famous men in America and has a social media following that dwarfs even that of LeBron, McGee still keeps the playing field even. He doesn’t call him Bieber. He doesn’t call him Biebs. It’s strictly first-name basis. “I call him by his government name,” he said. “His mama call him Justin, I call him Justin.”
While his priorities are to the Lakers and his NBA career, he’s proud of how he’s grown as an artist. On the court as a center, he’s often dependent on someone else getting him the ball to score. In the studio, he becomes the person who initiates the project. “It’s definitely about placement,” he said. “It’s about getting a body of work. As a producer, the more music you put out there, the more exposure you get, and the more residuals you get — I guess that’s what really matters. … I feel like I’ve developed extremely well, because I’ve figured out how to collaborate and how to move him in the music game.”
“He was like the Spanish Justin Bieber,” says Ingles. “All I heard was all Ricky Rubio all the time. There was just this fascination with him. … Everywhere we went, there would be hundreds of people at a hotel waiting and welcoming us. If it was a big city or a small city or in another country—it didn’t matter. People were always screaming for Ricky. It was like everyone just needed to see him or wanted to touch him or say hello to him. It was like he was bigger than the world at that time.”
Justin Bieber got a $5 million offer to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention, but turned it down after his manager considered quitting and LeBron James urged him to reject it … sources tell TMZ. Sources connected with CAA — the talent agency which reps Bieber and received the offer — tell us a promoter contacted Justin’s people with the offer, saying he would perform for 45 minutes at a venue near Quicken Loans Arena, where the RNC was held.
Is Joel Embiid healthy? So far the injured 2014 draft pick hasn’t played a single game for the Sixers, but if the last 24 hours mean anything, it might officially be time for fans to get excited. Embiid’s weekend started with a celebrity arm-wrestling match late Friday night at Hyde in Los Angeles against pop star Justin Bieber. Yes, you read that sentence correctly:
Wade had a good lead for one of the East starting spots at this point last year, but Toronto’s Kyle Lowry overtook him at the end thanks to a big boost from Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Even if Lowry gets a similar surge this season, Wade is likely to hold him off. “I think my fans are a little mad about how it happened last year, so they’ve gotten more into it,” Wade said. “When you constantly get in for 10 years, people probably aren’t voting as actively, but they got a little angry and they’ve gotten on top of it this year for sure.”
Storyline: All-Star Selections
As for Wade, if he wins the fan vote he will take the court Feb. 14 in Toronto to team up with LeBron James for the first time since James left the Heat. More significantly, he will be there for Kobe Bryant’s final All-Star Game. “As long as I hold up my votes, it’ll be a special All-Star Game for me because this is Kobe’s last one,” Wade said. “I wasn’t in the league for (Michael) Jordan’s, but I was watching it as a fan and it just looked like it was something cool to be a part of, so this will be special. A lot of people are gonna celebrate him.”
The biggest baller in the stands during NBA games isn’t Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson or even Justin Bieber — it’s Jimmy Goldstein … who spends more money on NBA tickets than anyone else on Earth. You’ve seen Goldstein on the court at various NBA games over the years — and this week he confirmed what ex-NBA Commish David Stern has said … that he’s the NBA’s biggest investor when it comes to tickets. As for how Goldstein made his fortune, that’s a bit of a mystery — but point is, the guy drops BANK when it comes to basketball.
Ex-NBA star Joe Smith — the #1 overall pick in the ’95 draft — is spittin’ a new rap verse directed right at Justin Bieber … calling out the pop star over the racist song he recorded when he was 15 … and only TMZ Sports has it. In the new verse, Smith — who goes by the rap name “Joe Beast” — says Justin shouldn’t get a pass just because he was young when he recorded a disgusting N-word filled version of his hit “One Less Lonely Girl.”
While his fellow musicians Drake and Timbaland were throwing down until dawn with LeBron James and the other members of the Miami Heat at the team’s victory bash Thursday night in South Beach, E! News has learned exclusively that the teen heartthrob was left out in the cold. A source tells E! News that the 19-year-old Bieber had requested to join the celebration at Club Story, but because he’s underage both club management and the Heat flat-out told him no way.
The same could be said about singer (punk?) Justin Bieber at Game 7 of Heat/Pacers. The game was unwatchable after the 2nd quarter, with Miami leading by double digits the entire way. Then Justin Bieber was photographed looking like this, and GAME OVER. LeBron nearly hitting his head on the rim during this dunk, or Bieber’s silly hat-leather shirt combo? Paul George telling Mario Chalmers to stop flopping, or Bieber’s shades indoors? Now, an interesting detail of how the photo came to be, courtesy of the Miami Herald: Before the Heat game was even over, Youtie, who did post on her social media accounts that Bieber, who refused to be photographed until someone brought a Miami Heat dancer over, wasn’t the friendliest, she was getting threats from rabid fans
Wittman ended his conversation with reporters when he was asked if he had “Bieber fever.” “I know who he is,” Wittman said as he walked away. Webster said his daughter planned on attending the concert. “I said what up to him. I definitely respect him as an artist. I respect what he does, so I said, ‘Hi.’ My daughter has Bieber fever. I don’t.” Crawford isn’t a fan of Bieber or his music, but couldn’t help but ignore his celebrity as he drove to practice and pre-teen girls surrounded the arena holding signs and screaming. “He’s a popular guy,” Crawford said. “I seen all the little girls in there waiting on him before practice. So, you know, it’s definitely here.” When asked if he was sure if the fans weren’t waiting for him, Crawford had a long laugh before saying, “Nah. Not them young ones.”
Do you think Justin Bieber could never cross over Steve Nash? Never say never. Whether it is staged, manipulated or Nash just not caring nearly as much as Bieber about a three-on-three game at the gym, there is video out there (posted by Bieber on Twitter, no less) of the teen pop superstar going by Nash if it was Russell Westbrook driving on, well, Nash. Where’s the pick-and-roll help? This will be a set-up line for Nash defense jokes but the whole thing really looks like a made-for-viral event, from Nash’s shoes, to how he cleared a path to Bieber girlfriend Selena Gomez squealing like a baby seal in celebration from the baseline.
Though Justin Bieber’s already sky-high profile has been raised over the last month, he spent much of it literally falling, whether it was in a hailstorm of slo-mo bullets on CSI or on the court of the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, where it appeared he was tripped up by actor/hip-hop artist Common. Still, the Biebs was in the mood to forgive and forget on TMZ Live yesterday, where he assured Harvey Levin that he had no hard feelings toward Common and spun the NBA face-plant a different way: “He didn’t push me to the ground. I tripped.”
Justin Bieber was named MVP of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game despite failing to lead his team to victory Friday. His eight points, two rebounds and four assists didn’t make him the star, either. If stat lines were the measuring stick in the voting, then ex-Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen would have won the award. But that’s what happens when the crowd votes for the MVP. Pippen scored more points (17) and led the Eastern Conference Celebrity All-Stars to a 54-49 victory, but it was the teen pop singer who won the crowd’s heart loing ago with his singing skills, not basketball skills. And he did all that without messing up his famous hairdo.