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Justin Robinson Rumors

Robinson was projected at No. 53 overall in the 2019 NBA Draft in a recent mock draft published by ESPN. The guard spoke to HoopsHype about how he has prepared for the draft so far this offseason. What kind of feedback have you been getting from teams after shining at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament and G League Elite Camp? Justin Robinson: They all like that I can run a team, create for others and be an extension of the coach on the court. I know my niche in the league and know who I can play and won’t play out of my role and be somebody that I’m not. They also like that I’m a sneaky shooter. I’ve proven during my college career that I can shoot at a high clip and I think that will translate well to the NBA and I’ll knock down open shots.
What did you learn about the NBA G League while you were at their Elite Camp? JR: There is so much connection and I think so many have the same system. The G League is becoming the best at seeding to the NBA because it has so many eyes from scouts and executives. How do you think your ability to be a spot-up shooter will translate to the next level? JR: I think how we played at Virginia Tech prepared me really well for that. We moved the ball really well and that put me in good positions. I was also creating for others but when they created for me, it allowed me to thrive. I had a goal to increase my three-point percentage every year and I did that. During the tournament, I made about half my shots from the three-point line. I think that was a big testament to me getting reps up while I was injured. My last year in college, I also improved my range.