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Justin Robinson Rumors

Darnell Mayberry: Tuesday’s six-man group: Chris Clemons (Campbell) Daniel Gafford (Arkansas) Jessie Govan (Georgetown) Tyler Hall (Montana State) William McDowell-White (Brose Bamberg) Justin Robinson (Virginia Tech)
Chris Vivlamore: The following players will work out for the Hawks on Monday ahead of the NBA draft: G Jordan Bone (Tennessee) F Brian Bowen (Sydney) F Dewan Hernandez (Miami) G Jordan Poole (Michigan) G Justin Robinson (Virginia Tech) F Dean Wade (Kansas State)
Storyline: Draft Workouts
Fred Katz: Wizards announce the group coming in for pre-draft workouts tomorrow: Kavell Bigby-Williams ,Jordan Caroline, Aubrey Dawkins, William McDowell-White, Justin Robinson, Elijah Thomas

Storyline: Draft Workouts
But as the first-year season ticketholders’ original stack of 56 ducats in section K, row 9, began to dwindle, Erica Schaeffer started to realize she might not get to see her favorite player, Justin Robinson, anymore. “I talked to her about Deon Jones and other players who are playing overseas,’’ Eric Schaeffer said, ‘’And I told her, `you know, that’s a distinct possibility for Justin, coming from a smaller school,’ and that it’s just a reality. It might happen.’’ Well, that was not acceptable to Erica Schaeffer. Not when it comes to the soon-to-be two-time MAAC Player of the Year. The one who dazzled her and her family in the handful of games they attended last season, and who she got to know when they religiously attended his Jersey Shore Summer League games, and who said “Happy Birthday’’ to her at a game in January.