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Justin Zanik Rumors

How is the search for Quin Snyder’s replacement progressing? Ryan Smith: “I checked in [Monday] night and [Tuesday] morning, and I think Danny and Justin [Zanik] are doing a great job. I trust them and we trust them with 100% confidence. … The good news is, there’s a lot of phenomenal coaches in the NBA. “… Danny set [the timeline] up in the press conference. That was not my timeline — he was pretty direct on what that timeline would be. That’s what he’s here for — he’s here to lead, and my job is to empower him. … I’m really not [involved with early interviews], to be honest with you. I believe that you hire the best and you empower ’em. I don’t think there’s a better basketball brain than Danny, he’s definitely on the Mount Rushmore of NBA executives.”
This continues a trend of sports agents moving into front-office roles, the most notable transitions being executives Bob Myers of the Warriors, Rob Pelinka of the Lakers, Justin Zanik of the Jazz and Leon Rose of the Knicks. “Between free agency and the draft and all that kinds of stuff, agents evaluate players in their own way,” he said. “It’s just a different way of looking at it.”

Hornets interested in Quin Snyder if he becomes available

The Hornets, league sources say, would have interest in Snyder if he indeed parts ways with the Jazz following Utah’s third first-round exit in the past four seasons. Very little, beyond that, has seeped out yet about Charlotte’s search. Snyder is expected to meet with Utah-based reporters as early as this week for his annual end-of-season news conference after Jazz general manager Justin Zanik said Friday that there is “no other partner” he would rather have.
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