Kayte Christensen Rumors

Night in and night out throughout the NBA, TV broadcasting teams do their best to bring the game to life for fans. In Sacramento, the trio of Jerry Reynolds, Grant Napear, and Kayte Christensen have been familiar faces and voices for years. Their work has been recognized outside of Sacramento, with HoopsHype’s community ranking the Kings broadcast team as the best in the entire league with 582 positive votes. The site scored all 30 broadcast teams, and Sacramento’s own came out on top.
Suns.com: How are you feeling about moving back to Phoenix and joining the Suns’ broadcast and social media teams? Kayte Christensen: It’s extremely exciting, obviously, having played there for so long. I made great friends while I was there and the organization has such a fond spot in my heart. And I’m really excited to come back to work for the Suns. They have been my favorite NBA team for as long as I can remember and to have the opportunity to work for them is just amazing. Suns.com: Talk about your position as the first social media sideline reporter in the NBA. Christensen: It’s where broadcasting is going. There is such a social media drive now, as fans have an opportunity to be involved with their teams during games and talk to each other. So integrating that conversation with the broadcast involves fans on an even bigger scale. So to have the opportunity to be a part of that in its infancy is really exciting.