Keanu Reeves Rumors

There’s a story going viral from the Wall Street Journal about NBA center Boban Marjanovic and his big scene in John Wick 3, in which the 7-foot-3 vet was asked to kick Keanu Reeves’ stunt double. When he did it, Marjanovic sent the man flying back 15 feet. As Marjanovic told For The Win on Friday, there was a reason he was working with the stuntman before he says he actually kicked Reeves in a fight scene that took place in a library.
Marjanovic was cast and he got to meet Reeves, who gave him tips about “everything” on set. Marjanovic was told he picked up quickly on everything from his lines to the fighting. “I heard a lot of good things about Keanu,” he says. “When I met him, it was true what they say and he’s an even better man than what I’ve heard. He brings positive energy, he’s a guy who respects you as a person and is really professional. He’s a good man.”
In even better news, Marjanovic was apparently allowed to bring someone to the premiere, and because things are occasionally good in 2019, he decided to bring Philly teammate Tobias Harris. Bobi and Tobi, of course, are tight, and are two of the closest friends in the league. It only made sense that they’d attend this together, especially because it’s not the first time they’ve bonded over film — the pair visited the set of Bad Boys For Life in Miami and hung out with Will Smith last month. Oh, and as it turns out, they weren’t the only basketball players to attend the premiere, as JaVale McGee also made a cameo.
In the scene, Boban’s character is the first of what will be a hundred or so assassins who try to kill Wick, so it’s a small role but with a prominent position in the film. Reeves is the star, of course, and the outcome of the scene is never in doubt. Even so, Stahelski finds some (wait for it) novel ways to administer the final blow. The phrase “eat your words” comes to mind. “He a super-nice guy. Very humble, and I remember he paid a lot of attention to detail. He really practiced his lines, and he got a lot of coaching from Keanu. This is like his first movie gig, and he’s quoting Dante’s Inferno, so it was a lot to ask. I give him credit, because that was a long day, and he really held up well and contributed.” “Wow. This is a lot of compliments, he can move, big, tall, looks good,” Marjanovic said, laughing at his own joke, when he heard Staheleski’s review of his performance. “Perfect.”