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Let’s look at all four prospects and why Detroit might be interested. Also included is some intel I gathered on the prospects during a few days in Chicago. Keegan Murray (age 21), F, Iowa The oldest of the bunch, Murray is considered the most well-rounded prospect, according to a few league sources. Some say he doesn’t have a high ceiling because of his age, but Murray was a late bloomer and has improved dramatically every year since his freshman season in high school. As a sophomore, Murray was 5-foot-10 and 145 pounds. Now he’s 6-foot-8 and 215 pounds and was one of the best players in college. After high school, Murray went to a prep school in Florida to get Division I offers, and after one season in college, he turned into arguably the best and most versatile scorer in college.
Iowa men’s basketball player Kris Murray declined his invitation to the NBA Combine on Tuesday night. He received an invitation following a strong surge in draft buzz while training in Chicago alongside twin brother Keegan Murray, a projected lottery pick. Sure sign that he’s returning to Iowa? It’s not for certain, according to his father, Kenyon Murray.
Storyline: Draft Combine Invitations
I’ve had multiple conversations with high-level NBA executives where they raise the question of, “Why is Paolo Banchero a better prospect than Murray?” To me, Banchero is slightly ahead because he’s bigger, a bit stronger and is a better on-ball shot creator. His handle is better, and I think it translates better toward him being a top-two option in the NBA. But these are absolutely conversations executives are having right now, and it’s a testament to Murray’s production that he’s in the mix to be selected in the top five.