Kelly Tripucka Rumors

Then Ben found a video along those revealing lines. It features former Hornets forward Kelly Tripucka modeling the old Charlotte Hornets’ (and now New Orleans Pelicans, because this is all very confusing) team colors and uniform at a 1988 press conference that is, well, somewhat horrifying. Watch: I don’t know where to start. The unfurling of the uniform at the 14-second mark should not have been applauded. The odd touch that uniform designer Alexander Julian gave the Hornet forward at the 34-second mark was somewhat off-putting, and as Trey Kerby noted, Tripucka’s gushing over his being “into light blues, like this team, and purples and the mauves” should get you laughing in your cubicles. Even if this video is mostly NSFW. Especially when Kelly spins the mini-basketball.
Tripucka’s pro career spanned what he calls the “Golden Age” of NBA Basketball. When you consider the confluence of stars that converged on the Association at the time – from the aforementioned Magic and Bird, right through Michael Jordan – it certainly isn’t a stretch. After his storied NBA career came to an end, Tripucka still had an insatiable love for the game, which is how he landed in the broadcast booth as a television analyst. Not quite on the court, but certainly not far from it…. “I’ve always loved the game of basketball. It has been very good to me since I was a little kid. Being around basketball was something that was always important to me, and that (broadcasting) was something I was always interested in. And that dates back to my time playing, and even back in college. That side of it was always interesting to me. During my playing days, I would use the interview process to hone my skills, so to speak.”