Kenny Payne Rumors

Payne, who sees the work his pupil puts in every day, says Randle is deserving of an All-Star spot. “I don’t know if people really understand who this guy is,” Payne said. “But to reach this goal would bring full circle what working, character and intelligence is. The ability to take care of your body, put the work in every day, to mentally think about the success you’re achieving and how to impact the team.”
The Knicks ignored it all and selected him at No. 25 in Wednesday’s NBA Draft. The Post has learned former Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne, now a Knicks assistant, pushed strongly for the move, feeling Quickley was undervalued. “I feel like the ‘they’ can be anybody,” Quickley said on “MSG A.M.,” the network’s new morning show. “You’re trying to not only prove people wrong, but prove yourself right. I feel like a lot of people after my freshman year at Kentucky gave up on me and said — I should transfer, I should leave, I’m not going to be good enough.
“I just screenshotted everything I saw that said I wasn’t going to be good enough. And I took it to my workouts and made a list of goals and things like that. That’s stuff that I’ll take with me even to the next level as far as just trying to prove other people wrong, trying to prove myself right and to just continue to keep working hard.” Asked what Knicks fans can expect, Quickley said, “I’m somebody who works hard and is driven. And someone that I feel is confident and is going to work hard every single day to achieve his goals and the team goals.”
Mike Vorkunov: Tom Thibodeau says the Knicks will add more coaches to his staff. They’ve hired Mike Woodson, Johnnie Bryant, Kenny Payne, and Andy Greer so far. Hiring isn’t done yet. Thibodeau: “We do have a few other guys that we will be adding along the way.”