Kenny Smith Rumors

Kenny Smith: “I have a capability to run a team. There’s a wealth of information over the years just from knowing runners, agents, players, general managers and owners calling me and getting my opinion. I don’t see a reason why I couldn’t. Most people just look at their team. But over my 20 years at TNT, I look at the trends of the league. Sometimes you’re just consumed with what’s happening with your team. That consciousness and thinking in its totality, a lot of people aren’t conditioned to do because they haven’t had to do that. They’ve only had to look at, ‘How do I get my team better and how do I get my players better?’ “
Do you think it’s the right thing for the NBA to resume the season? Kenny Smith: “I’m optimistic only because we were the first league to stop and the first major company to stop. So we’re the first to come back in a modified version. I’m hoping that because we stopped first, we have done the protocols and thought of some things in the bubble that most people hadn’t thought of already. So it could be something that this becomes useful for other places.”
Storyline: Orlando Bubble
Smith aspires to be a general manager, but the NBA has had issues in recent years with diversity in front offices. He hopes that recent events will cause the NBA power structure to closely examine hiring. “To think people don’t gravitate toward people who are like them, look like them, or are like-minded, then you don’t understand the basis of stereotypes and racism, which is two different things,” he said. “If I make my decisions based on race and not having the ability to have the opportunity, then I’m a racist. It’s a simple process. White America is like how do I figure it out? You’re making the decision and you’re taking into account that it will hinder someone based on their race. That’s a racist act, period.”