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Kevin Harlan Rumors

The Timberwolves veteran — who played for the Los Angeles Clippers for four seasons before heading to Minnesota — insisted to JJ Redick on ESPN that the Lakers’ 2020 title deserves an asterisk and that it’s a “Bubble Championship.” Here’s Beverley making his case. Kevin Harlan will sit in a chair courtside Wednesday night that, he feels, does not belong to him. It’s the same way he felt at the All-Star Game in February.  “I may be broadcasting this game tonight,” Harlan texted Marv Albert that night. “But this will always be your seat. This will always be your chair.”  Harlan is Turner Sports’ replacement for Albert as the play-by-play voice of the conference finals. He’ll be joined by Hall of Fame player Reggie Miller and ex-coach Stan Van Gundy as the Dallas Mavericks face the Golden State Warriors in the opening game of the Western Conference finals.
Even though Harlan has a strong partnership and rapport with Miller, he’s excited by the addition of Van Gundy. Working with a coach is important in big games, Harlan said, because they add another layer of context and perspective that is “so vital.”   “And (Van Gundy) does it. He is so knowledgeable and is so well-prepared, I am in awe of his preparation for these games,” Harlan said. “I find him incredibly compelling. His addition will be just absolutely perfect for a game, and games, of this stature.”
The “Inside the NBA” broadcast will also feature players being miked up, including Stephen Curry, Donovan Mitchell and Ja Morant. With Barkley staying with his regular studio partners, Dwyane Wade will join Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan in TNT’s main booth. Allie LaForce will be on the sideline. They will be joined by different members of the 75th anniversary all-time team throughout the game.