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Kevin McHale Rumors

Justin Kubatko: Zion Williamson recorded the highest FG% in NBA history by a player who averaged at least 25 PPG: 61.1 – Williamson, 2020-21 60.4 – Kevin McHale, 1986-87 60.0 – Charles Barkley, 1989-90 59.9 – Shaquille O’Neal, 1993-94 59.0 – Amar’e Stoudemire, 2007-08
Kevin Harlan and Tom Hanneman are as ingrained in Timberwolves lore as any player outside of Kevin Garnett. They worked together on the radio and on television, teaming with former players including Kevin McHale and Trent Tucker to bring a unique mixture of analysis, color and comedic timing that elevated what otherwise would have been mundane calls of blowout loss after blowout loss. Regular playing of archived calls from Bill Beek, Hanneman’s fictitious play-by-play man for the 1946 Toronto Huskies; call-ins during the halftime show from made-up listeners in rural Minnesota with Harlan and Hanneman disguising their voices by holding their hands over their microphones; one-liners on the air, on the team plane, everywhere in what was the wild, wild west of Timberwolves history.