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Kevin O’Connor Rumors

Kevin O’Connor: Love Iguodala’s reply to @ROSGO21 question about Green’s defense:”There’s not any tricks or anything special to it. You just gotta want it.” Andre Iguodala on Draymond Green’s defense down the stretch: “The thing about defense is that you have to want it. I’ve talked about that my whole career. There’s very few guys that really want it defensively. There’s not any tricks or anything special to it. You just gotta want it. You got a guy who really wants it, puts his heart and passion into it, and is very smart. It’s gonna take him a long way and he’ll have a few Defensive Player of the Years.”
“We’re not currently talking to anybody right now,” Lindsey said. “But I am spending part of my day in diligence. I do know several candidates. I have worked with them, done deals with them. If we were to do something quick it would probably be based upon experience and familiarity. If we’re looking at some of the younger talent out there, that may be more of a process.” Lindsey said the Jazz could potentially get by without hiring a replacement for Zanik. The team did not have an assistant general manager before Zanik was hired almost three years ago, and Lindsey said he trusts the experience of front-office veterans Walt Perrin, Kevin O’Connor, David Fredman and Richard Smith.