Kevin Pritchard Rumors

Would you go after Paul George? Kevin Pritchard: “I would want to know first that he would fit us. We’re different now, Dan. One of the things we’re about, we don’t care about big names, we don’t care about big personalities, we don’t care about big brands. What we care about is being humble … Anybody that fits in, yeah we’re interested … I can’t talk on specific players. But if they don’t fit that, I’m not interested. It’s that simple.”
Storyline: Paul George Free Agency
Kevin Pritchard: “I would say Victor and Domantas (Sabonis) had more of an impact on what we do than, maybe even Chris (Paul). … I can’t think of any human being that could change an organization, not only from his playing, but from what he’s about, than Victor. We feel like we hit the jackpot. No offense to Paul George, he’s having success and he’s going to go wherever he wants this offseason … We were in the room and were looking around and Oklahoma City said, ‘OK, we’ll do this. We’ll do Victor and Domantas.’ … I thought, ‘How can we turn this down?'”