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His destiny once more pointed towards the G-League. Although the Warriors called shortly after Cook resurfaced as a free agent, offering one of Golden State’s inaugural two-way contracts, allowing players to spend upwards of 45 days on the NBA club while primarily suiting up for the team’s G-League affiliate. Cook shuttled back and forth from Oakland to Santa Cruz, often carpooling with Warriors center Damian Jones. Curry went down in December, then again in February. Cook filled the role as aptly as possible. “Quinn Cook is a fantastic example of how the system is supposed to work,” says Kiki Vandeweghe, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball operations. In Golden State’s whirring egalitarian offense, Cook’s scoring and shooting prowess naturally melded. He shed the scarlet letter for a green light, complimenting old friend Durant. “He’s fallen into the perfection situation,” Resner says.
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A topic that came up repeatedly in discussions with stakeholders was how the league has operated differently under Silver and vice president of operations Kiki VanDeWeghe than their predecessors. According to those who communicate with him regularly, VanDeWeghe especially tends to play peacemaker more often than Rod Thorn and Stu Jackson, who held the position under David Stern. While this is welcomed by some, it can leave a gray area on rule interpretations. It was one of the reasons the unions agreed to communicate directly with each other when needed, sources said.
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Jonathan Feigen: Kiki VanDeWeghe on Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green: “Completely inappropriate. You can provoke something that could be a very bad situation for everybody.” On James Harden, Chris Paul: “Chris Paul tried to get his players out of the lockerroom, as did Harden. Again, confirmed by Clippers, arena and Rockets staff.”
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How often do you think a team is lying to you to not tip their hand on whether they like a player a lot more than they’re letting on? That they’re going to declare somebody an early-second-round pick and actually be looking him at the end of the lottery? Kiki Vandeweghe: These things are surprisingly consistent, so I would say not very often, if that really happens at all. I think everyone understands it’s a consensus and everyone’s trying to, basically, just help these players make a better decision at the end of the day. I think the gamesmanship is saved for talking right before the Draft where you may Draft somebody.