Kim Jong Un Rumors

Dennis Rodman plans to organize a basketball game between North Korea and the U.S. territory of Guam, the retired basketball star said Monday, as he seeks to personally mitigate a dangerous war of words between Washington and the isolated, nuclear-armed state. “We thought, ‘This would be awesome!’” Rodman said in an interview in Beijing, his third stop on a “humanitarian tour” of Asia to promote peace between the U.S. and North Korea. “The people in Guam are all about it. They love it. You get a team from North Korea, get these guys from Pyongyang. Play it in Beijing.”
Rodman said that he would seek approval for his Guam-North Korea basketball game idea from North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations in New York. “All they have to do is say yes,” he said. “And what can come out of that? A lot. We plan on making it happen.” This weekend, he sought to raise morale on Guam, where North Korean threats have damaged the tourism industry. “You’re safe no matter what. You’re safe no matter what. You’re safe no matter what,” he said in a press conference at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, according to the Guam-based Pacific News Center. “If you guys are concerned about if [Kim is] going to try to bomb you guys I’m telling you guys no. In my eyes, no.”
John Salley 100% has the back of his old Bad Boys teammate Dennis Rodman … saying the human rights organization calling for revoking The Worm’s Hall Of Fame status is full of B.S. As we previously reported … The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is upset with Dennis over his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
Dennis Rodman has returned from a five-day trip to North Korea, but he did not meet with a man he once called his “friend for life” — Kim Jong Un. The colorful retired basketball player did not speak to reporters waiting for him when he arrived in Beijing after leaving Pyongyang. After a disastrous trip in 2014, Rodman’s fifth journey into North Korea seemed to be something of a redemption tour. It was relatively low-key and passed without major controversy.
Rodman, who landed in Pyongyang Tuesday, was photographed presenting North Korean Sports Minister Kim Il Guk with a copy of Trump’s book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal.” The NBA Hall of Famer is perhaps the only person in the world who has personal relationships with both the US President — he participated on Trump’s pre-presidency reality TV show, “The Celebrity Apprentice” — and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.