Kirk Lacob Rumors

Kerr, who told The Athletic in October there are plans to extend his contract next summer, clearly expects to be here when the Chase Center opens. Long before this visit, when assistant general manager Kirk Lacob was making sure the coaching staff had a say in the building strategy, Kerr made a few specific requests that were ultimately granted. “How the courts were going to be angled, (like) which way, and based on the lines (of sight), and how many hoops (there would be),” he explained. “There were a few details that I felt strongly about it. The balcony (overlooking the court). We have a lot of visitors to practice — coaches. And we wanted access for people to come in and visit and watch without being able to go downstairs.”
Storyline: New Warriors Arena
But based on the rules of today’s NBA, this is what it takes to stay on top. And jokes aside, this isn’t the kind of joy ride anyone wants to hop off of – least of all Kerr, who missed 43 games in the 2015-16 regular season and 11 playoff games last season because of complications from botched back surgery in 2015. “I love what I do, so I keep doing it,” Kerr says when asked about his long-term view. “Coaching is actually helpful, and it’s no secret that I still deal with a lot of pain. But it’s not like I’m going to walk away because of it. I love what I do. I love coaching. I love being around the guys, and I’ve just had to learn how to kind of manage my life. So that’s what I’m doing.”
Six years ago, Golden State assistant general manager Kirk Lacob — a regular on Epling’s Green Team — convinced some friends from the office to join him. The experience so resonated with them that the game became an annual tradition. These days, the Golden State operations staff’s visit is the highlight of San Quentin’s athletic calendar. For months before the game, the chow hall is abuzz about which players might tag along to the game. Many of the inmates, even the ones who are Lakers fans, watch as many Golden State games as possible inside their cells on TVs bought from an approved catalog for a few hundred dollars.
Before the NBA season, Golden State Warriors assistant general manager Kirk Lacob was named vice president of GSW Sports Ventures and placed in charge of ventures that include continued efforts to develop partnerships for basketball operations and leading investments in sports-related areas. Lacob, the son of the Warriors’ venture capitalist owner, explained Tuesday how GSW Sports Ventures would capitalize on the team’s Silicon Valley proximity and possibly get into investing in technologies. “Being in Silicon Valley, we have a lot of advantages over other sports teams or companies, and GSW Sports Ventures is something new, and we’re still kind of figuring out exactly what it’s going to be in the end,” Lacob said in a webinar in partnership with Zoom Video Communications.