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Kurt Rambis Rumors

Also, the Lakers wanted to help Lue select his assistant coaches, and that frustrated him. Lue was stunned, sources said, when he met with the Lakers’ deep thinkers for the first time (prior to any contract discussions) and Kurt Rambis, a senior adviser to Pelinka and team owner Jeanie Buss, asked Lue if he would accept him — Rambis — on Lue’s bench. The Lakers, through a spokeswoman, denied Rambis asked Lue about coaching with him. “Ty felt like they were doing everything in their power to get him to not take the job,” one source said. “Offer him less years, less money, stir up the pot with some of these other things. They knew they had to interview him because LeBron wanted him, but they were hoping he would walk away.”
“Ty wanted to be respected as a championship-winning coach,” said a source close to the situation. “He was right, but you also have to respect Ty for protecting the coaches who come after him. If he just says ‘yes’ to the years and any dollar amount the Lakers say, it sets a bad precedent. “You also can understand where the Lakers were coming from at the time,” the same source said. “They wanted to protect themselves. They’d come up short, they were under a lot of pressure from fans and the media and they were fighting a perception that they didn’t want, which was that LeBron was running the show.”
“Ty and I share an agent, so I knew he was involved,” Vogel said. “And I supported that. He’s a great coach, a championship coach. When he talked to me about potentially coming onto his staff, I was honored for the opportunity to work with him. But this opportunity here with the Lakers … you just want to be a part of something like this. It’s not about anything else. When he pulled out, they moved very quickly to getting me into L.A. for an interview. And moved quickly in terms of offering me the job.”
She leaned on Linda Rambis, someone she’d worked with for decades and someone her father also had trusted. People began calling Rambis the team’s “shadow owner” and wondering why and to what extent she had power in the organization. “I do think that there’s people that might be uncomfortable with women in power positions,” Buss said. “Whatever that triggered in other people that started the hatred or slinging the mud whatever, calling her a shadow owner, things like that, was very demeaning and disheartening. Hurtful. But it didn’t change the mission at all. Didn’t change how we were gonna operate. Didn’t make me not trust her. Nothing can penetrate that 30 years of trust.”