Kyndall Dykes Rumors

For former UNO and Warren Easton High School swingman Kyndall Dykes, however, the credentials burnished last season in the Romanian league — Dykes was’s Romanian League Player of the Year — provide a sense of job security, no matter who might end up on the roster next season. Dykes, who was also the Romanian League’s Import Player of the Year as he led U-Mobitelco Cluj Napoca to the Division A championship, finished with a 20.2-points-per-game average and shot 63 percent. He said this week he’s unconcerned with the NBA exodus that appears to be growing. At this point,” Dykes said, “for this season, it’s not a concern because I know where I’m going. But as far as if the lockout continues and a lot of guys come overseas, it could be a concern in the future, maybe next season, because a lot of guys might try to stay. And that could cut down on some jobs for people.”
Do Bartelstein and other agents continue to make overseas deals for NBA players at the possible expense of players they already represent in Europe? Bartelstein this week said it’s not an issue. “There’s a lot of teams in Europe, so many teams, that there are a lot of jobs open over there,” he said. “Our job is to find the best opportunity for all of our players over there. That’s what we’re doing. We don’t really find it to be a conflict. There’s more players on the market, there’s no question about that. “There are guys looking to go overseas who normally wouldn’t look to overseas. But we don’t look at it as a conflict or anything like that. Most of the NBA guys who are going over there, it’s really high-level teams. I know what you’re getting at. But I don’t really think it’s going to be a problem. There are enough jobs to go around for everybody. It really hasn’t been a problem yet.”
Although the daily headlines announce another looming NBA defection, Dykes says there’s room for everyone. “A lot of guys are going to come,” he said. “But I don’t think it’ll be a long-term issue with the NBA guys. The lockout is going to end, and they’re going back. As far as this season, it may be a problem for guys who might take pay cuts and have to get side jobs to stay on overseas. “But long-term, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Those guys just want to play basketball. When the NBA comes back, those guys are going to go back.”