Larry Bird Rumors

I have heard stories about how you used to play pickup basketball with black men who worked at a hotel near your home in French Lick, Indiana, as a kid. Can you talk about the influence they had? Larry Bird: “Yeah, back then I would just try to develop my skills as a young player, and I got in games around there. But these guys were older. When you’re 9, 10, 11, you see somebody 20, you think they’re old. But it was a number of guys who would show up every day. In between games they’d smoke their Kool cigarettes, and drink their beer, but great guys. What was really great for me and made me happy is 30 years ago I ran into Slim, who was down in Atlanta out there cooking at one of the hotels we stayed in. And he’d come up and say, ‘Remember me?’ And I knew I’d seen that face before, but I didn’t know where. He was a little bit older. But he said he was so proud of how I turned out.”
Looking back to you and Magic Johnson entering the NBA in 1979, do you think people still talk enough about how you both helped the game? Larry Bird: “It’s funny, all through my career they always say, ‘You helped save the NBA.’ But there’s a lot of people who helped save this NBA, it didn’t start with us. Maybe we helped in some way as far as the competition we had in college and going against one another. But I do think we brought a different aspect to the game when we came in. We both liked to pass the ball. We liked to try to make other guys better. And then we were winners, there was no question about that. Not that there wasn’t a lot of winners before us. But just how we played the game and approached the game, I think, made a big impact throughout the league as far as watching the game.”
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But that being said, you and Magic Johnson were the foundation of that … Larry Bird: “Well, we were first. But I don’t want to say that we changed anything. But we made people take a look at the NBA the way we played. You got to remember at that time satellite dishes were just coming out and we were getting into more homes. … And it goes back to college. We played against one another in the finals [in college]. And they say it’s still one of the highest-rated basketball games ever. So, obviously we had an impact. But we didn’t change this league.”
A clear glistening pool surrounded by a yard with not a blade of grass out of place. Pacers jerseys hanging perfectly in a row inside a blue and gold basketball room. A kitchen straight out of a magazine and a master bedroom that looks like a hotel suite. Less than three months after basketball legend Larry Bird put his $2.3 million Indianapolis English manor up for sale, it flew off the market. Every little detail inside and outside the Washington Township home was scrupulous, said Brian Sanders, with Century 21 Scheetz, who represented the buyers and used to live down the street from Bird.
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The tattoos that were removed included: A spider web on the left shoulder, A red cardinal on the left cheek, Mating bunnies on the right arm, “Hoosier” spelled out on the neck, Dagger on the left cheek, 76 on the right upper arm, Shamrock on the left biceps, Basketball on palm, B-I-R-D spelled out on the fingers of his left hand, MUCKROCK — Muck’s signature — was moved from the right biceps