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Larry Brown Rumors

Brown, 80, soon will join Penny Hardaway as an assistant coach at Memphis, a move that at least one of his former assistants believes will help Memphis reach the pedigree of any program in the country. “Everybody says Kentucky,” Forrest said. “They look at Kentucky and say that’s the place that can get me to the next level. Coach (John Calipari) prepares them for it, but I think Memphis has now rivaled that.
Larry Brown said the coaching profession has been flooded with those who want premium jobs for the wrong reasons. “I don’t think coaching is for everybody,” he said. “Maybe people will get mad at me as the money has become so great now that a lot of people want to be coaches where maybe before they wouldn’t have even considered it. Guys that really want to coach, the ones that love the players, respect the game and want to give back and with our culture today, the kids are so much younger going into the NBA, so many of these kids have the responsibility of making their families’ lives better. With social media and so many people depending on them, that’s tough.”