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Larry Brown Rumors

When all was said and done, Cunningham spent the better part of 20 years — from his selection in the 1965 draft to his retiring as a coach in 1985 — at the forefront of 76ers basketball. He was a key member of both of the franchise’s two championships in Philadelphia. He bridged the gap between the golden era of the NBA to the modern era. He had an undeniable imprint on future Sixers coaches in Guokas, Larry Brown, Mo Cheeks and Collins. He also continued to make an imprint in the community of his adoptive Philadelphia long after he formally retired from the sport. “He might be the greatest 76er,” Collins said, even though Cunningham may not be the top 76ers player when you think of Philly basketball.
“I’m excited about adding Rasheed to the program,” Hardaway said. “He is someone our ‘bigs,’ and our entire team, will learn a tremendous amount from. All of his experience in the NBA and knowledge of the game will be key to our success.” “It was a surprise, but an honor and a pleasure, to receive the call from Coach Hardaway to join his coaching staff,” Wallace said. “I am extremely eager to work with the young men on the team, and I’m excited to cross paths again with Coach Brown and work with Coach (Cody) Toppert.”
He would prefer young athletes to assimilate into a college environment that teaches them the importance of an education. “I wish the NBA would realize that college basketball might be the greatest minor league system that we have … I really think they’re going to do away with this one-and-done because of this likeness. I’m not opposed to that … but a lot of times kids that make that decision really aren’t ready, and we don’t talk about those kids that fail. I think the system fails more than the kids fail,” Brown said.