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Larry Brown Rumors

Former New York Knicks head coach Larry Brown stepped down from his position with the University of Memphis men’s basketball team due to “ongoing health concerns” on Friday. Brown, 82, a New York native, joined head coach Penny Hardaway’s staff as an assistant in 2021 before he moved over to an advisory role this past offseason. The school stated that Brown’s health issues are “not considered serious.”
During a recent interview on “All the Smoke,” a podcast series hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Rasheed Wallace said if he had to choose four of his former teammates to play with under any of his former coaches, he’d pick the Pistons’ popular starting five — Chauncey Billups, Richard “Rip” Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, himself and Ben Wallace, along with head coach Larry Brown.
“That’s an unfair question. I’mma be biased for sure. Best five alive. The best five alive and that coach is pound-for-pound, Larry Brown,” Wallace said at the 59:35 mark of the interview. “The best five alive: Chauncey, Rip, Tay, myself and Ben. And there’s no disrespect to any of my other teammates cause they’re my brethren, but I think we felt as though we were at the pinnacle of our craft right there and couldn’t nobody in the world touch us. That’s why we coined ourselves, nicknamed ourselves the ‘Best Five Alive,’ cause we felt we were that tight-knit.”