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Griffin was concerned about Blatt lacking an NBA background. To Blatt’s credit, he interviewed Lue and quickly hired him. Lue also liked Drew, which opened the door for Drew to come to the Cavs. I hope Lue can stay healthy, but having Drew is like having depth on a team. An NBA executive texted me this about Drew: “He did a great job in Atlanta. He is very creative offensively. The ‘moment’ is not too big for him.”
No more “Shirley Temple” drinks for Tyronn Lue. More sleep and more delegating, especially to associate head coach Larry Drew, who guided the Cavs to an 8-1 record in Lue’s absence. Take the medicine. And, at least for now, enjoy life as an NBA coach without debilitating chest pains. This is the new way of life for Lue, 40, who returns to the Cavs bench tonight after more than two weeks away getting his personal health in order.
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There’s still no definite return date for Lue. But acting coach Larry Drew, who has gone 8-1 while filling in for his boss since March 19, doesn’t expect there to be any “feeling out” period when Lue comes back. “I can see that the guys have already embraced him,” Drew said. “So it’s just a matter of him being more hands on now once he does get back. From what I’ve seen, it looks like everybody has rolled their sleeves up and just waiting for the day he comes back so they can get to work.”
Calderon isn’t an explosive athlete. He isn’t long. He struggles defensively keeping guards in front of him. But he makes winning plays, he keeps the ball moving and he always makes the right play at the right time. And it’s getting harder and harder to keep him off the floor. 7. “When you look at Jose on paper, he certainly deserves more minutes,” Larry Drew said. “There’s no question about that. You can’t even argue that, what he’s done for us, and what his numbers are on paper. But with our present roster and with the guys that who are going to be playing for us, it’s tough to play everybody.”