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Harris then delivered a message to Warriors fans pertaining to the franchise’s $17.2 million traded player exception. “We may or may not (use it). Joe (Lacob) has not told us we couldn’t, but we have to be careful of our payroll going forward,” he said. “But because that number is so large, we can be a conduit for some things. So we’re getting a lot of calls to see about three-way (trades), and (teams asking), ‘Would you take take this guy into that exception?’”
It was late February and Larry Harris, Warriors assistant general manager and director of player personnel, was wrapping up a two-week trip through three European countries with assistant GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. when he read that the coronavirus had spread to Northern Italy. “We had heard about the coronavirus, that it was already (in China), so we were talking about it, but it hadn’t hit the actual countries we were in,” Harris, told Bay Area News Group in a phone interview Friday. “We had just gotten back (to the United States) within the week. Then we were heading to go see these conference tournaments.”
Storyline: Coronavirus
Without the combine, however, front offices across the league will be forced to rely on reporting from colleges and agents, which can at times be insubstantial. “The biggest concern would be the medical testing portion, which is vital.” Harris said. “The other stuff we can navigate through conversations and in film work and all that. It’s nice to be able to have our hands on these players now that they’ve been out of college for two or three months.”
They will be making their pick with little information compared to teams at the top of past drafts, but assert they have enough to make a quality selection. “I’m confident that not only are we going to get the right guy,” Harris said. “But we’re going to have enough information and video work to be able to make that determination.”