Las Vegas Rumors

Speaking at a company analyst and investor day event Thursday, MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren said he expects the NBA to come to Las Vegas in a few years. Murren sees an NBA team relocating like the NFL’s Oakland Raiders’ pending 2020 move to Las Vegas, and not an expansion team being added, like in the case of the NHL’s Golden Knights. “I think it’s highly likely that a team, or multiple teams, will be looking to move over the next three years,” Murren said. “We know who they are, that’s why I think it’s highly likely. I would expect that Las Vegas will have an NBA team within the next five years, if not sooner. That team would likely play at T-Mobile (Arena).”
Storyline: NBA Expansion
After the sale, the Golden Nugget sportsbook followed normal gaming procedure and halted all NBA futures bets that involved the Rockets in an effort to eliminate any concerns over conflicts of interest. The sportsbook then removed the Rockets from the list of teams available to bet and reposted odds on the team to “finish best” in the Western Conference and the Finals. With Houston not offered, the Warriors have already finished best in the Western Conference at the Nugget, and anyone who bet Golden State may proceed to the cashier’s window, even though the series hasn’t started.
2 weeks ago via ESPN