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Las Vegas Rumors

Marc Stein: I reported in June that NBA expansion is not expected until the league has secured both a new labor pact with the players’ union and a new television deal. That didn’t stop a recent report out of Las Vegas about expansion announcements coming much sooner for Sin City and Seattle, but there was a silver lining to that erroneous report: It almost ensures that someone will press for an up-to-date sense of the league’s expansion plans.
How might these new players fit with the familiar faces? With training camp set to begin Sept. 24, here’s what The Chronicle is hearing about the situation from different sources within the organization: James Wiseman is aware of the areas of his game that need improvement and is “really starting to make some headway” this offseason following his debut at Las Vegas summer league. Though the Warriors still don’t know what kind of production to expect from the 21-year-old center, or which lineup combinations in which he fits best, they remain confident that he’s on track to reach his potential.