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Lauren Holiday Rumors

Lauren Holiday was looking at Kohler bathroom fixtures for her own home renovation project, when she asked the sales representative a question: “You know what would be really cool? If we partnered and we did women’s shelters.” Kohler responded immediately, Holiday reached out to Sojourner Family Peace Center, the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation pitched in and the combined efforts led to nearly $300,000 to help repair and renovate three local shelters, including one at 619 W. Walnut St., just blocks from Fiserv Forum.
Sometimes a little thing can spark a big idea. And for Jrue and Lauren Holiday, the big ideas always lead to action. While doing some renovation work in their home, Lauren Holiday felt perhaps local women’s shelters could use the same attention to their facilities. So the Holidays partnered up with the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation and the Kohler Co. to donate about $200,000 toward bathroom product upgrades and additional resources to shelter and domestic violence issues in Wisconsin.
The Holidays have been part of Milwaukee for just less than two calendar years (he was acquired via trade with New Orleans on Nov. 24, 2020), but Jrue said the way businesses and people of Wisconsin have answered the call of giving has been overwhelming. “It’s been awesome,” he said. “I think they’re resilient. I think they’re trying to be transformational. Just the way of thinking, (keeping it) the way that it’s probably always been, sometimes isn’t good – so even just being new to ideas and us who aren’t from Wisconsin coming in and giving ideas and suggestions and stuff has been … I mean they’ve really responded to it.”
“I’m not sure we had an expectation of how big it would be,” Jrue said. “We just knew we wanted to help people. But seeing how it’s progressed and where we are now is really cool to see. So I can’t necessarily say I’ve been surprised by it, but it is really exciting that we get to see other people care about other people and I think for us, me and my wife, we’ve been blessed to have a lot of great opportunities to give back. And not only that, just to see the grantees that we’re giving to also want to give back to the community is cool.”