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LaVar Ball on LaMelo Ball: 'I wanted Melo to be a Laker before that ship done sailed'

So when you hear the rumors and internet speculation of LaMelo ultimately finding his way west and playing at home for the Lakers when you consider how things ended with Lonzo, would you want LaMelo in a Lakers uniform? 
LaVar Ball: Common sense would tell you, hell no. You did something to my boy Lonzo, and you think I’m going to come back with the others? I gotta be stone-cold crazy. So you’re saying you wouldn’t want LaMelo to be a Laker?
LaVar Ball: No. I wanted Melo to be a Laker before that ship done sailed. You get rid of ‘Zo and you think I’m going to come back? I’m not that type of foolish guy.

There is 'hope' that Zach LaVine can be lured away from Bulls in free agency

I don’t normally pay much attention to the musings of LaVar Ball, but his pronouncement this week in a podcast interview with David Kaplan that Zach LaVine wants out of Chicago will only amplify what has been whispered by a few interested teams: There is much more hope in circulation than anticipated that LaVine can be lured away from the Bulls in free agency. Although it would almost certainly require a sign-and-trade to actually land LaVine, given that the few teams projected to have salary-cap space this summer are not in the title mix, Mr. Ball — father of Bulls guard Lonzo Ball — has just boldly stated what had been quietly surmised in recent weeks about LaVine potentially chafing from all the praise DeMar DeRozan received this season. It would be a tough outcome for Bulls GM Arturas Karnišovas if LaVine indeed tries to force his way elsewhere after Chicago made three significant trades to acquire Nikola Vučević, Lonzo Ball and DeRozan with the hope of securing LaVine’s long-term commitment.
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LaVar Ball on Zach LaVine to Lakers: “He’s gone, and I’m gonna tell you why,” Ball said. “Okay, it started off Zach LaVine, Zach LaVine, Zach LaVine. Okay, now you get hurt, a few things happen, and guess who’s doing all the big plays? All I hear is DeMar. DeMar, DeMar, DeMar. He don’t want to play second fiddle, and who don’t want to go to L.A.? He want to go back to the West Coast.”
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It hasn’t been all love for Tee Morant, who has received criticism on social media for being flamboyant and accused of seeking attention while sitting courtside. For example, the Instagram account for @SlamStudios wrote: “Tee Morant is approaching LaVar Ball levels of annoyance,” referring to the outspoken father of Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball and Chicago Bulls guard Lonzo Ball. Ja Morant responded to all the social hate toward his father by saying during a tweet in response, “F— em we ball TM.” Tee Morant says he is going to “keep being me” and he is “not doing it for attention.”