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“My thing is he ain’t happy with that, but he ain’t go show that,” Ball tells us. “If I train you to be the best and always been starting all your life — here is what they don’t get. My boys are not freakin’ role players! They superstars! Let them do what they do!” LaVar points out Melo could be held back due to Hornets coach James Borrego not having that — oh, how should we say this — Big Baller frame of mind. “But, if your mentality ain’t like that, guess what? It’s hard to coach my boys and tap into the best because you don’t have a killer mindset.”
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LaVar Ball: Lonzo and LaMelo won't be unlocked until all three brothers are playing together

But after the Charlotte Hornets’ 118-110 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans, LaVar was less than pleased with what had transpired. First of all, he lamented the fact that LaMelo, whom the Hornets selected as the No. 3 pick in the NBA draft in November, didn’t start for the first time Friday considering all of the hype surrounding the sibling matchup. “Tell me, have you ever seen a marquee guy, a marquee guy that you promoting in all of this ‘brothers going up against each other’ and he don’t start?” LaVar said in an exclusive interview with FOX Sports just minutes after the game. “I never seen that before in my life. That’s like telling Michael Jackson, ‘Hey man, you coming on second.’
Second of all, LaVar said neither of his sons are being used to their full potential. He said they’re stuck playing half-court basketball instead of getting to run and showcase what they can do in the open court. “As they say when you get to the NBA, the speed of the game changes,” LaVar said. “Well, my boys is the only ones who got to slow down when they get to the NBA.”
According to their father, they both should be averaging closer to 30-plus points, 15 assists and 19 rebounds a night. “Their performances, it’s not going to be up to my standard on the fact that they’re not playing the style I taught them, which is that up-and-down pace, getting that ball in and out and just playing balls out,” LaVar said. You can’t do that with these guys [their teammates]. These guys don’t have the confidence in that.”
LaVar said the only way to get the best out of his sons would be to have them play together, alongside their 22-year-old brother LiAngelo Ball, who signed a contract Thursday to play in the G League bubble. “You’re not going to unlock my boys until all three of them are on the same team and they’re just running,” LaVar said. “Nobody will be able to catch them.”
“I definitely have thoughts on that,” LaVar Ball told Bleacher Report. “The people in Detroit are great. I love the fans, but the franchise over there is raggedy as hell. They don’t know a good player. I was giving them a lottery pick for free! Has the skills to play and the notoriety to bring everybody to the game. How do you throw that out the window? They’re gonna learn the hard way. My boys are gonna end up together playing somewhere. ‘Gelo can shoot the lights out. That was raggedy what they did. But hey, they’re gonna learn the hard way.”
Storyline: LaVar Ball Quotes