LaVar Ball Rumors

LaMelo Ball loves his dad, honors his dad, credits his dad with shepherding his basketball success. But LaVar Ball doesn’t speak for LaMelo, nor rule his point of view. “At the end of the day, what comes out of his mouth, that’s him. He’s a grown man.” LaMelo Ball said in a one-on-one interview with The Observer. “And what comes out of my mouth is for me. Because I’m a grown man, too.”
LaMelo gets why LaVar generates buzz, but to him it’s just normal. “I always heard him talk like this,” LaMelo said. “Just hearing him talk like this, it’s normal to me. For real.” LaMelo views his father more as the demanding mentor from his youth than the media celebrity he’s become. “He was always that coach who was on me and stuff. He coached me the hardest,” LaMelo said.
They wait, and wait. A technical glitch causes the interview to be ditched, and nobody — especially not Lonzo or LiAngelo — seems bothered. LaVar, quiet no longer, is accepting congratulations and telling the room, “Tell MJ: Here we come! Tell MJ we’re coming!” LaVar punctuates his proclamations by raising both arms in the air. Michael Jordan, the man LaVar famously claimed he could beat in a one-on-one, is the owner of the Hornets and now his son’s boss. LaVar tells me the world might finally get to see that one-on-one, but first he has to discuss the business side with Jordan: pay-per-view, guaranteed money, that kind of thing. He laughs and says, “Hey, if people are willing to pay to see 50-year-old Mike Tyson fight, why not?” He likes the idea of Jordan guiding his son. “Greatness recognizes greatness,” he says. “I always told my boys, ‘Someone has to be better than the best — why not you?'”
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