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A number of athletes carry guns these days. The bigger question is where Porter was headed at 2 a.m. when he crashed? He is a terrific talent and probably has the highest ceiling of all the young players on the roster, but there’s a reason he was a lottery talent who fell to the last pick in the first round last year. He had some flags in his past. 26. “At his core, he’s a really good kid, and he’s had a challenging upbringing,” Cavs GM Koby Altman said. “It’s on all of us to help him achieve his potential.” 27. Altman wouldn’t comment on a disturbing report alleging that Porter punched a woman in the face in August and pulled off her weave. Altman called it “unsubstantiated” because there were no charges filed.
Storyline: Kevin Porter Arrest
“We’re working with Kevin’s representation now and we’re going to keep that private for now as we’re working through it,” Altman said Wednesday night via Zoom during the NBA Draft. “With Kevin, at his core he’s a really good kid. He’s had a really challenging upbringing and I think it’s on all of us to help him, to help him achieve his potential. In terms of what’s going on off the court, his representation on those matters, keep that internal.”